Meglioli Limited Edition 23L


When you're looking for a real limited edition; look for the brand to hold 100% pure grape must, look for the brand to provide you with the ability to add real grapes, look for the brand to provide you with a taste of the world. Simply put, look for the Meglioli Limited Edition. Contact for pricing at 613-632-2273.

 February's Meglioli batches are:

Amarone: Just thinking about how Amarone is made evokes excitement when it is tasted. Ruby-red when it is young, the colour deepens with age. It has an exciting nose with aromas of very ripe cherries and plums with a touch of liquorice. It leaves an enjoyable sensation of fruit, spices and even coffee on the palate. Tight tannins and a high level of alcohol give a robust wine with long lasting flavours on the finish. This is a rich, well-structured dry wine, fruity and liqueur-like with the noble bitterness that typifies Amarone. It is also very enjoyable as an after dinner drink when discussions get passionate.

Pinot Noir: A wine for the senses, this Pinot Noir is truly elegant in every way! Its intense color is combined with a marvelous bouquet comprising of both violets and spices. When young, your taste buds will become teased by the unity of ripe cherries and earthy spices. As this wine ages, you’ll notice hints of flavors such as; chocolate, prune, and figs. This wine has a smooth attack with a long lingering finish. 

Marzemino: An almost forgotten varietal, Marzemino was very popular during the Classical Era, it is making a come back due to its fresh yet warm feel on the palate. It was so popular it made it into Mozart’s play Don Giovanni “Versa il vino! Eccellente Marzemino!” A vivid ruby red coloured wine with a fruity, almost floral bouquet. Warm and medium bodied with a faint bitter finish, this wine is suited for those looking for a wine with its own original character. 

*NEW* Sicilian Primitivo: Once confused with Zinfandel, its roots can be traced to Croatia many centuries ago. Primitivo is now grown in various regions of Italy. This Sicilian Primitivo is a well-balanced medium-full bodied varietal that develops jammy flavors of ripe berry fruits including dark cherries and raspberries.


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