Green Apple Riesling


Like fruit wine on a hot summer day? try our fruit wine kits, we have plenty of different types of fruit wines for you to choose from and enjoy. These wine kits only take 6 weeks to make, the best thing about them is that you can drink them right away. 

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Green Apple Riesling: Fresh and fruity, Green Apple Riesling is a sweet, easy drinking wine boasting honeyed flavours of pear and apricot with floral notes of a distinctive green apple character. Rich and luscious, the relative acidity of this Riesling complement spicy foods such as Thai and Middle Eastern cuisine, while the fruity and floral hints work well with seafood, ham, and simple chicken or fish dishes. This wine complements a wide range of cheeses, from soft, fresh varieties of cream cheese, through the semi-soft ripeness of Havarti, all the way to blue-veins such as Stilton. Green Apple Riesling is also one of the very few whites that pair well with chocolate. This wine is best served at casual gatherings, as a sipping wine, or as a dessert wine.

All wine kits come with an "add pack" that contains all the required and needed elements in order to properly make wine, a complete and comprehensive instruction sheet. For labels, cork, seals, and bottles ask your salesmen in store or by phone at 613-632-2273.

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