Gamay Noir


Enjoy having an aging wine collection on your wine rack? why not try out our Fontana International, it just needs 6 to 8 months of aging before you could enjoy your favourite glass of red or white wine. 

Do it yourself for $139.00* or contact us for pricing at 613-632-2273 or e-mail us at (*Taxes included)

Gamay Noir: Gamay Noir is lately perfumed and sugary, with notes of tart cherries, raspberries, and ripe, red plums. Soft and medium bodied, this wine can be a little acidic, but that only adds to its versatility. Serve it at summer gatherings or cool evenings by the fire, Gamay Noir is exceptionally versatile and easy-drinking. Thanks to the sharpness of this ruby-hued varietal it can be paired well with everything from game, grilled poultry, mild red meats, oily fish like tuna, strong cheeses such as Stilton and aged cheddar, thick stews and roasted root vegetables.

All wine kits come with an "add pack" that contains all the required and needed elements in order to properly make wine, a complete and comprehensive instruction sheet. For labels, cork, seals, and bottles ask your salesmen in store or by phone at 613-632-2273.

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