Chile Fresco 23L (Refrigerated Juice)


The Chile Fresco is available every Spring and provides home winemakers with premium fresh refrigerated grape musts from Chile. With 6 varieties available, Chile's exclusive winemaking offerings are proudly displayed within the Fresco brand, a brand that has been trusted by winemakers for over 20 years. Seasonal pricing. Contact us at 613-632-2273 or by E-mail Not a deliverable product. Pick up only.



Cabernet Sauvignon: Considered a flagship variety of wine, it holds deep garnet with slight violet undertones. It presents a fresh cherry bouquet rounded off with peppery highlights and delicate spices. You’ll notice and initial attach with a lot of body and hearty tannins, but this well-balanced wine holds true to its character as a delightful wine that can be enjoyed under any condition.

Carmenere: Cile’s true rising star has been tagged as Carmenere. It holds a distinct blackcurrant nose paired with fruit jam flavours that excite your taste buds beyond belief. Its soft integrated tannins allows for early consumption, yet the wine ages gracefully due to its rich and complex nature.

Merlot: This popular variety presents a subtle blackcurrant nose along with a floral touch and a hint of assorted peppers. Its mellow tannins and soft finish present a pleasant initial attack with remarkable staying power. You will notice it’s refreshingly well balanced appeal while being robust and adding a velvety texture. 

Chardonnay: This pale yellow straw-coloured reflection wine hold aromas of honey and tree ripened sweet apples. You will experience a truly full bodied white wine that provides a pleasant oak finish. Well rounded, this Chardonnay will leave a lasting impression on the palate.

Chardonnay/Semillon: This wonderful blend brings together two very different elements in a harmonic union. The Chardonnay brings its flavours of tropical fruits with hints of vanilla, while the Semillon contributes a honeyed vegetal character with nutty butter-scotch nuances. The resulting wine is truly a symphony of flavours.

Sauvignon Blanc: Straw yellow in colour with emerald highlights, this wine unviels a herbaceous nose accompanied by flowery undertones. You’ll experience a lively wine that is crisp, light, and clean, the only characteristics that are truly important in any white wine.


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