Chenin Blanc


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Chenin Blanc: Chenin Blanc's light to medium body features notes of pear, cantaloupe, green melons, lemons, nuts, figs, brown sugar, toffee, and faint hints of cinnamon and candid apples, but dont let the flavour profile fool you. This wine is a real treat, on a cool evening, at a dinner party or a small gathering, with food or on its own, and it is deep and succulent enough to fare well against cream sauces and cheeses such as Provolone, Gruyere, Brie, and aged Cheddar. Chenin Blanc i also good accompaniment to most white meats and sea foods.

All wine kits come with an "add pack" that contains all the required and needed elements in order to properly make wine, a complete and comprehensive instruction sheet. For labels, cork, seals, and bottles ask your salesmen in store or by phone at 613-632-2273.

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