About Us

From his early childhood years, Terry Ladas was destined to be a lover and maker of wine.  He was introduced to the joys of wine making by his father at the age of 10, and has not stopped making quality wines ever since.  His father taught him that it is more than just choosing the right grapes and equipment; a wine maker has to have a passion for quality wines.  Terry has that passion and it comes through in every bottle of wine he produces.


Wine Makers was established in 1993 (formerly Brew Experts) with an aim to serve only high quality products to our customers. Now over 20 years later we are still holding to this promise by, only serving up the finest wines, equipment, oils and much more. This family owned and operated business is here to help you with anything in your wine making experience. From wine kits and equipment to bottles and even custom labels, all fitting inside your budget.


We're now proud to offer a new service. We will now allow you the customer, to purchase your equipment and kits online and ship right to your front door.

Our products available online are:

-Wine Kits

-Olive Oil

- Equipment

- Beer Kits

-Natural Spring Water

-Balsamic Vinigars

-Sparkling Juices


- And Much More!