Chardonnay Viognier


Want to enjoy your wine sooner rather than later? Fontana Complete is a great choice, once the wine is done its fermentation process you could bottle it and drink it right away.

Do it yourself for $84.00* or contact us for pricing at 613-632-2273 or e-mail us at (*Taxes included)

Chardonnay Viognier: Perfect for all occasions, this selection blends the apricot and peach flavours of Viogner with crisp acidity of Chardonnay, creating a well-balanced . friendly wine with a lively palate. Dry with heavy oak and a full body, this is one wine that compliments most foods from creamy cheeses to roast meats, tomato-based sauces to spicy food. 

All wine kits come with an "add pack" that contains all the required and needed elements in order to properly make wine, a complete and comprehensive instruction sheet. For labels, cork, seals, and bottles ask your salesmen in store or by phone at 613-632-2273.

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